Monday, 28 November 2011

Alexander Wang Rocco

Alexander Wang Rocco

Pale Gold hardware

Okay, so I know this bag was so last year but last year I really wanted an Alexander Wang Rocco bag but never ever got one. Last night I came across an image I had saved of the bag (i'm a big fan of ripping out things from magazines that I like!!) and it's got me thinking about this bag again.

I'm looking for a nice classic black bag that I can use everyday. I like the simplicity of the design of this bag and love the edgy biker feel that the studs give. This bag is such a cool statement piece that I don't think you would ever get sick of.

Check out some other people who Rocked the Rocco:-

Model look

Ashley Olsen

Vanessa White - I love this pink blazer from Zara too!

Alex Gerrard

Alex Gerrard

Natalie Massenet - well, if the Rocco is good enough for the woman who brought us the amazing Net-a-Porter.......need I say more!

I love the end image with the leather jeans, simple t-shirt, classic blazer and the Rocco bag - this is the look i'd love to re-create!

The Rocco is avaiable in various shades, all of which are equally gorgeous! For me,  I'm thinking the classic black as it will go with everything!!

Hmm, i'll be keeping an eye out for this bag in the January sales!

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