Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The peak of this-season

Natural straw hat on the Burberry Runway

Gold Ombre straw hat on the Burberry Runway

Stripe straw hat on the Burberry Runway
Fresh from the Burberry Runway, these understated peaked straw hats with pom poms are going to be a hit this season. 
These hats remind me of a jockey's hat.....think Jockey's hat / summer straw hat and knitted winter pom pom beanie and this is what you get!!!
 I'm a hat lover and I actually really like these hats but at £250 - £275 I won't be rushing out to buy one just yet...

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Friday, 6 April 2012

An Icon

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original

New in: The Folding Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Kate Moss looks stunning in her Original Wayfarers

Kate Moss

Mary-Kate Olsen 

Blake Lively

Olivia Palermo

Mary-Kate Olsen getting the wear out of her Wayfarers

Everyone needs a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses as they really are the most iconic sunglasses.
The original Ray-Ban wayfarers have been around for a while now and will be around for a long, long while to come due to the classic, timeless design.

Following on from the continued success of the original wayfarers, a folding option has just been released and I for one, can't wait to get a pair!!