Sunday, 14 August 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Lita ankle boots

I had been searching for a nice pair of black ankle boots for ages and my internet search kept flagging up the "Lita" ankle boot by Jeffrey Campbell. At first glance these boots scared me, the platform and heel looked huge, and for someone who's a bit like bambie on ice in heels I hesitated on wether I would break my neck wearing these or not!

After reading many of the helpful feedback reviews on these boots on the SoleStruck website, I found that around 95% of people thought that these boots were extremley comfortable and most people even talked about purchasing a second pair of the boots (a good sign of a great boot)!

Knowing that these boots were actually not only stylish but comfortable too and seeing the beautiful Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner strutting around looking gorgeous in these boots I had decided I had to try a pair for myself. Whilst in Selfridges & Co in London 2 weeks ago, I saw the boots, tried them and instantly fell for them, (fell for them, not fell in them!!) 

I wore my boots for the first time out on the town last night, and I loved them! My feet did not hurt at all and it was great being the same height as my Fiancee for a night too!! I have to admit that I too was thinking "oh what colour should I got for next" :-)

My boots:-


Celebs and their Jeffrey Campbell Lita's:

Jessica Alba - Black Suede Lita boot

Kendall Jenner - Black leather Lita boot

The Lita boot is available in leather, suede, canvas, studded, the options are endless:-

Love both of these Suede Lita boots

The studded Lita boot


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