Saturday, 2 June 2012

Missing in action

Sorry, I feel like I've recently been neglecting my blog. With working full time in an office and planning my wedding (I'm getting married in November!!!) it's sometimes hard to get the time to sit down and write!

Anyway, apart from my wedding planning ( which I'll blog about later) here's some of the things I've been up to these past few weeks.

Had a lovely trip to the seaside last weekend. It was so hot down in Lythem, St Anne's, I had to buy a maxi dress to change out of my jeans!! Or a lovely bright floral maxi dress from Oxfam that was brand new still with the tags on for a £5! I love a good bargain!! It took us just under 4 hours to drive down from Glasgow but the drive was lovely & getting to the beach with the dog was worth it! We chose to go down to St Anne's as my grandparents lives down there for a while so it always brings back fond, fun memories for us.

Honeymoon buys, we have booked to go to Cancun for our honeymoon! The longest flight I've ever been on was 7 1/2 hours from Glasgow to Boston so the 11 1/2 hours should be an experience. I figure, if we watch some in-flight films, have our meals then get a wee sleep then it will be okay :-)
I've recently had a bit of a major spree on H&M bikinis. I think I have about 9 new bikini's!!! It's not that I'm a bikini addict, the H&M bikini's are so lovely and at around £7/£8 a set it's not breaking the bank! I also got a cute kimono that will be great over my bikinis or even wearing over a tank & shorts during the day.My mum also ordered me a Mexican/Spanish phrasebook and a Cancun top 10 guide so I'll need to start doing my homework and learn the lingo :-)

Aside from my h&m buys this month, I've been hitting Zara pretty hard too!! I would say I am a bit of a Zara addict just now :-). I couldn't resist these leopard print trousers, they are honestly so comfy & I think on holiday, times when I want to cover my legs from the sun, these teamed with a cute top & sandals will be perfect. They are baggy at the top and tapered at the legs. I was concerned they light look like pj's but I've been assured they don't!! Post to follow of my Zara buys this month.

For the next 5 months, I will have less time to focus on my blog with all the wedding planning and preparation but I will try to keep posting and look forward to posting about my wedding plans too! My goal is after my honeymoon to invest in a proper camera so I can start to post daily "what I'm wearing" outfit posts so you should me and my personal style more through the blog as soon as I have the camera!

Thanks for reading my blog xx