Monday, 4 June 2012

Back to Basics

Zara skirt with hip detail - the colour is called "make-up" which I though was cute!

Zara blouse with gold stud shoulder detail

Zara linen-mix tee with jewel shoulder detail

Zara drawstring leopard print trousers
Zara basic black sandal - at £29.99 these are a bargain!
Zara silk back jumper - love the little silk peter pan collar on this

Zara silky lingerie style shorts with rose-gold stud detail

I must confess, I am addicted to Zara!! Hands down, it has to be my favourite high street store.
Anytime I go into Zara, without fail, I'll see loads of things love and take the maximum amount I can into the changing room. To be fair mind you, sometimes the things I love, I don't love so much on as I thought I did seeing it on the hanger. 

Above is some of my latest Zara purchases. I'm not afraid of colour and have a closet full of brights, neons.... the whole colour spectrum, but lately I've been more attracted to buying neutral, capsule collection pieces that I can mix and match.

The only thing I don't like about Zara is that sometimes new things will sell out fast and not come back in stock, for example, I've been after a pair of high-waisted white shorts with gold zips and have been hunting for them for weeks now but can never find them! A kind store assistant, wrote the code down for me so now it's a case of a daily check on the website to see if they appear again. 

Today, I saw a beautiful lime green suede over-sized clutch bag but there was only one and it was marked. I went to order it online and they only have it in yellow or blue so this is another thing I need to keep hunting for! 

Remember these Louis Vuitton pumps with the metal covered toe detail?

Abbey Clancy wearing Louis Vuitton 2012

Check out these almost identical Zara beauties:-

These shoes are simply stunning! They are the like a pale blush pink shade and feel like soft suede and cost £49.99 but they sold out almost immediately!  Love these, perfect and classic!

 I'm looking forward to wearing all my new stuff and teaming the neutrals with pops of colour like my neon yellow Cambridge Co Satchel or my bright blue J Brand skinny jeans etc

Happy shopping xx