Monday, 8 August 2011

A fun filled trip to London

My birthday trip to London last week was brilliant! I had 3 full days & 2 nights to shop & explore the wonders of London.

I took some snaps when I was out and about (pics are not great as was taken with my I-phone)!

Eating Out:

First stop - Cafe Rouge for a yummy breakfast

Guerilla Burgers - The best burger Joint (so good, we went twice!)

 mmm, the best treat from my mum. Chocolate covered strawberries from Selfridges foodhall

Vintage Shopping:

 I love anything from highstreet to designer to vintage and boy did I have the best time hunting through just some of London's many amazing vintage stores.

(I was so impressed to see the fashion wallpaper I have in my dressing closet in a vintage store. I love these bowler and top hat lights!!)

Notting Hill:

I love Notting Hill. It's such a cool place to wander around. I was dissapointed I missed the Portobello Road market though when I was there, I went on Thursday and it finished at 1pm so I missed it :-(
I love fashion magazines and need my monthly Vogue Fix. My mum was going into a small newsagents in Notting Hill to buy some sweets and when I wondered in behind her I couldn't believe my eyes................I have never seen as great a selection of fashion Magazines in the one place!! I ended up having to be guided out of the shop by my mum having stood in awe for ages gazing at all the magazines! I did get an Italian, Paris and Spanish Vogue though, all August issues which I will keep  to rememeber my 30th Birthday.

One of the most thoughtfull gifts I got for my birthday was a vintage Vogue magazine from the year I was born! My dad & my brother went away to hunt for this whilst me and my mum spent the day trying on wedding dresses! What a lovely and special gift that was!

Desginer & High Street boutiques:

Bond Street, what can I say. It's just magical! Being on 'wedding mode' I resisted the calls from the designer bags and shoes! I did treat myself to another Alexander McQueen skull scarf which is in a nice chocolate brown with sage green skulls so it's perfect for the winter months. 

High Street - I got two cute dresses (one is an Aztec print mini dress that's patterend with nice chestnut brown, cream and black shades and the other is a body-con style dress in a vinrant mustard yellow!) & jewellery from the Forever 21 store on Oxford Street, this store was amazing. It was like Topshop & H&M rolled into one. If you have't already been in, then get in there now!

As well as my birthday gifts my brother had already got me (the stripe Bella Freud Jumper and Alexander McQueen ring) he treated me to a pair of gorgeous black lace-up ankle boots from Selfridges ..... I have the best brother :-)

Quirky London:

When you are wandering about London you see some wacky and wonderful things!

Selfridges & Co  - by far had the best window displays. Each theme was totally unique, fun, colourful and made you stop and stare.

Halcyon Gallery

Amazing tiny photographic images on the floor in Selfridges. These were made up from these quirky, retro looking Lomography cameras. The cameras were as light as a feather and available in all different fun designs (a great christmas idea).
Check out  their website:-

Bridal Boutiques:

Well, when I was in London I tried on some wedding dresses which was great fun!
After falling in love with a wedding dress on a website, when I tried it on I was told my face fell with dissapointment :-( Not to worry as after more searching, I found my dress!!! 
I have to admit I was feeling pretty nervous about trying dresses on, but I had a lovely time with my mum that day. It just goes to show how you think you have found the perfect dress then when you put it on it can look totally different. I can only describe the feeling as feeling deflated when I put on what I thought was the perfect dress and looked in the mirror.

I decided I wanted to look for my dress in London as opposed to Glasgow as felt I would see something totally unique and different from here and I did just that! Now all I need is to find the perfect Louboutins to wear with the dress.
What's great is me and my best pal / Maid of Honor Gillian get to fly down to London again soon to shop for my shoes and all the bits and bobs, yippeeaa! Any excuse for a trip down to Bond Street!!

Cannot wait for my next shopping trip to London. Already have on my shopping list these gorgeous black Louboutin shoes I saw last week and some very special accessories from McQueen that I fell in love with! Perfect way to spend my birthday money :-)


  1. You certainly squeezed a lot in. The best birthdays I've had have been in London too. A few years back, some friends and I booked into serviced apartments London and then went to Shakespeare's Globe the day after.

    One friend wasn't exactly enthusiastic about Shakespeare but she did enjoy the meal afterwards.

    My favourite part of London is Covent Garden though. You just can't get a better atmosphere anywhere else in London. You've got all the tiny little individual shops as well as the bigger companies and the street theatre is some of the best I've ever seen.

  2. Hi Jess,

    Oh I love Covent Garden too and also nothing beats walking around Portobello Market in Notting Hill! Haven't heard of Shakespeare's Globe before so I will be sure to check it out!

    Thanks for your comment :-)