Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A new toy for my blog

So, I've been doing my blog now for about a year and after borrowing my parents digital camera or using my I-phone the time has now come for me to invest in a good camera.
I hear that the camera to have is a digital SLR, however with so many different makes and models the question is, which one do I go for?

I've started my research and so far both Canon and Nikon seem to be the two main makes of SLR's recommended by fellow fashion bloggers so at least I now have a starting point!

I'll continue my research and once i've narrowed it down to a few of the best models, i'll check them out in store so I can have a play about with them and see which one best suits my needs for my blog. 

I cannot wait to get snapping with my new camera once I find the ideal one!!


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