Friday, 19 August 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Tomorrow sees the wedding of the gorgeous Kim Kardashian
I love the Kardashians so cannot wait to see the wedding when it's being shown on E in a few weeks time.

Kim has confirmed that Vera Wang has designed her wedding dress and that Christian Louboutin has designed her wedding shoes. I'm sure she will look as stunning as ever!

I'm currently on wedding mode too and have managed in just 2 weeks to get my venue booked (a stunning Scottish Castle), and my dress ordered and have started ordering some of my table accessories like the place name cards and ribbons etc so bit by bit I am getting things ticked off my long wedding planning list! My wedding will be on Saturday 10th November 2012 (10-11-12 - a great date to remember!) so I have loads of time to enjoy planning everything and hope that doing a bit at a time will make it as stress-free as it can be!

I'm not having a theme as such for my wedding but I'm thinking "Old Hollywood Glamour"
I didn't want to pick a colour of the moment which may mean that down the line I regret my choices so have decided to keep everything classic and timeless and go for black and white. I think my bridesmaids will look stunning in a gorgeous black dress (they would look blooming great wearing a binbag, although I wouldn't be cruel to put them in that haha)! My guests can wear whatever they wish so they can go all out with the colours but for my tableware and accessories I'm sticking to black and white.

I'm thinking about doing a car boot sale on Sunday so I can start a Louboutin wedding shoe fund! I have bags and bags full of unworn and unwanted things so figure what a great way to have a clear out and make some money in the process.

I'll post updates on how my wedding planning is going!

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