Monday, 30 July 2012

Birthday Wish

These Pigalle 120 Python Christian Louboutin pumps are on my birthday wishlist.
I think if I make it down to London for my birthday weekend trip, I will just have to treat myself to these beauties....................I love them!!!

I haven't posted in a while. To cut a long story short, I took a severe reaction to my first chemo treatment the other week and ever since have been really unwell. Today is the first day I've felt up to getting on the computer so hopefully as each day goes by, I will feel better :-)

I knew chemo was not going to be easy.......but didn't expect it to be this hard. I know this is a fight I have to try to stay strong for and I will give it all I can to try to beat this cancer. 

I have the best friends and family, who have all been such an amazing support to me already, so thank you to them all.

Now, back to dreaming of these stunning, classic Louboutin will be mine!!




  1. A beautifully and well constructed blog. I have enjoyed your fashion sense and creative ways. I keep you in my prayers dear heart. As difficult as it is at times remember to keep the Lord close to your heart and courage in your soul. You will get through this.
    God Bless,

    1. Hi Katherine
      Thank you for your lovely message to my beautiful daughter. I will let her know you posted this. She is really struggling and having such a tough time at the moment. Not well at all. Thank you for this lovely message.
      Lesley x (Mum) x

  2. I love these shoes, I hope you are doing well!

  3. Preciosos, pero todavía los veo un poco fuera del alcance de mis manos.jajaja. Soy nueva por aquí, si te apetece, pásate:

  4. Oh My Beautiful Laura. This was your last every post on your Fashion Blog. I don't think you realise how amazing your Blog is. I cannot beleive that this post was made 4 years ago today. After that you didn't want to post as you were off work with Cancer. If only you could have carried on posting but being the conciencous person you are you didnt post another post. I know you would have been able to post for months more even if it had been a few. After that the Cancer made you to ill to do anything. I miss you so much Darling Laura. You didn't get the actual Pigalle 120 Python Christian Louboutin pumpsbut I did manage to find you a different pair of CL's that were out of stock & they sent them all the way from Milan when they heard how ill you were. You never ever got to wear your Louboutins you got other than your beautiful white and pale blue soled Wedding Shoes. You were so beautiful how you managed to walk on your wedding day when you were bedbound & using a wheelchair I was going to say I don't know but I do know as you were & are my beautiful daughter & you were full of determination to make your Wedding Day being taken so cruelly from us only 29 short days later. So Laura thank you for your blog it gives me some little part of you to look through and read your posts I only wish I could hear your voice again reading out your own posts. You were so clever and you didnt get a chance to use your new camera that you had wanted so much to take really good fashion photographs. You could have become the most famous blogger we both know that well I hope you realised it. When you passed away I got a message from a very famous London store asking you to be the blogger for the shop and their amazing high class goods. I so hope you know that Laura and they asked me if I could do it on your behalf but I couldnt do it justice although you did teach me everything I know about fashion so wanted to post this short post on the anniversary of your last ever blog post Laura this day in 2012 I feel it was yesterday we will never get over losing you to cancer undiagnosed for so long it isnt fair it isnt right that a beautiful young lady inside and out should be taken so cruelly from this World. I do hope you are designing everyone in heaven and keeping them right fashion wise. It will be like Selfridges in Heaven until we can be reunited Laura I can't wait to be with you and miss you with every single beat of my heart. I cry everyday it will never seem real it never will. Love You Same precious daughter beautiful girl my best friend x Your wee Mumsie x MISS YOU SAME too x Cuddles that are only for you and I Cuddles x

  5. P>S> forgot to say your Blog today has 298668 hits
    Well done my girl x

  6. It's heart wrenching. So very young with a bright future ahead. God bless you Laura and God bless your lovely Mum xx

  7. Thqnks so much Jackie, means a lot, Lesley x

  8. There are no words lovely Laura other than Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl, we would have been in London right now popping into Selfridges we would always start your birthday off with chocolate dipped strawberries for breakfast from Selfridges. How could we start your birthday any other way Laura? Then we would shop till we dropped, literally. I could never keep up with you and your boundless energy and fun and laughter before all the pain of Cancer. I still can't beleive you are gone. It isn't right I will never accept that you are not going to walk through the door and cuddle me Laura. I so wish I could cuddle you and never let you go. Until I can be with you look after Teddy and all the other doggies in Heaven. I hope you are with Alexander McQueen and Manuel Mota showing them how it's done gorgeous girl. Off to Byres Road to get your flowers. Just isn't right Laura it just isnt right. Sorry lovely. Happy Birthday Laura. Best Girl In the Whole Wide World. Dollybird, Lors, Wee Man, Birdie etc We Love You Same Darling Laura x

  9. P.S. Wonder how many pairs of Louboutin's you could have managed this year? x Bless You Laura x In my Heart Forever x

  10. PPS Your blog hits today on your birthday is
    299158 How wonderful you would have been so famous now had you still been doing your blog. You know I told you a very famous high class retailer in London asked me if you could do their blog for their company. I watch it and think that would have been and should have been Laura you would have been so so famous now as a blogger Laura. Bless you so talented in fashion and writing and posting about it. so proud of every single thing you did and achieved in your short life Darling Laura x