Monday, 16 May 2011

What would you go for?

Okay, as i've mentoned in my past posts, H&M currently have loads of gorgeous bikinis in.
I popped into H&M at lunchtime today and tried on two bikinis and I can't decide which one to go for!

Black bikini set with gold skull details and side tassles on the bottoms:-
(£9.99 for the top and £7.99 for the bottoms - this set is also available in yellow and cream)

Beige mix zebra print bikini with shell detail on the ties:-
(£9.99 for the top and £7.99 for the bottom and also comes in multi-colour)

and to top it all off, check out these cute shorts...............................

H&M black and white shorts with pockets £7.99
I have these shorts in a blush pink shade with leopard print and they are the perfect light, and fun shorts for wearing on holiday!

I'm still undecided to which set to go for! Oh decisions decisions!!

One thing I have found with H&M bikini's is I find the tops are really small made. I find myself getting a top at least 2 sizes bigger as I feel the tops really are tiny made. I suppose unlike other stores where the sets are sold together it's good if you are bigger up top or bottom that in H&M you are not tied to the one size set. Has anyone else found this??

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