Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Wedding Dress

I'm so in love with this wedding gown by Marchesa:

This gown is called "Emmy" and is a stunning embroidered crepe and feather bottom slip gown. I have been searching for my perfect dress for ages and when I came across this gown I knew this was 'the one' for me. I love the elegant sihlouette of this gown and how the feather detail at the bottom with the small train adds the romantic touch. 

In the past, my ideal dress use to be something like this:-
"Bella" dress by Marchesa.
I loved the fullness of this dress and the jewelled detail belt however my taste has drastically changed and i'm now more in love with the idea of an elegant 'wedding gown' rather than the traditional 'wedding dress'.

I do like this lace wedding dress with the backless detail and lace covered buttons. Lace can be hard to pull off as it's such a heavy detail so this dress is not for everyone. Nice but I just love the Marchesa 'Emmy' gown!

So, I now just have to locate this perfect "Marchesa Emmy gown"! The hunt is now on :-)


  1. Can you tell me where to find the lace dress?

    1. Hi Noelle, It was on a good while back so i'm not sure if its still on the website now.