Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Today's Buy

I did a dangerous thing today.......... on my lunch break from work I went for a look in Zara. Big mistake, as anytime I go in I always seem to buy something, which when trying hard to save for my wedding is not always a great thing!!

Anyway, I saw loads of gorgeous things in Zara's new season collection. I whittled my selection down to the maximum of 6 items for taking into the changing room and out of my options I fell for this over-sized knit. These pictures really don't do this knit justice, I myself wouldn't want to rush out and buy it from seeing these pictures of it but trust me when you see it in the flesh and try it on you can't argue that it is stunning. The knit features cute bell cuffs, a zip at the back and glistens with bronze, cream, gold and cotton candy pink tones, I love it!!

I'm planning on wearing this with my jeans, my Sass and Bide Black Rats leggings or cute shorts.

Amongst many other nice things I also saw a shorter silver chunky knit jumper with leather elbow patches which if they had had in my size, I'd have bought also.

Oh well, I suppose another lunchtime trip into Zara will not do much harm! At least I am being sensible and buying warm knits!!

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