Sunday, 23 October 2011

My adventure at Sloans Market, Glasgow

I thought i'd let you know how my experience at Sloans Market in Glasgow yesterday went.
Overall I had a fun day! It started of pretty slow with not many people visiting the market but towards the afternoon the stall was busy. My vintage pieces seemed to go down the best, with there being not as much insterest in my past season high street collections. At least I know for next time what stock to take more of!! I also think that next time hanging rails for my clothes would work better for people to browse through.

The pictures above are taken with my iphone so not great! Our stall was also really dark as the market stall had problems with putting up the lights which was a shame as the lights would have set the stalls off well!

I have to say, the main attraction on my stall was my vintage leather bag, If I had a £1 for the times someone had picked it up!! A lovely student from Sweden bought the bag in the end! Some other great pieces from my collection that sold was my vintage oversized beaded top (perfect with jeans), My vintage leather Harrods business card holder that came in the design of a miniture suitcase (a gorgeous collectors item) and also my vintage Vivienne Westwood perfume case set amongst lots of other bits and pieces so I'm really chuffed with how the day went after such a slow start to the day!

On reflection to the day, I think the market really doesn't get alot of passing traffic because people still don't know it exists. I have worked in Glasgow for many years and I'm in shopping regularly and particularly in Zara which is right next to the market and I still never knew it was there! Perhaps if I'm doing another stall, I'll make up some flyer's to hand out to people on the high street so they can come along and check out the stalls because it is a shame for people to miss it!

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