Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Weekend

I had such a great weekend! It started off with a nice dinner and after work drinks on friday then a fun day trip with my partner and my mum and dad yesterday, and today, I spent the day playing with the dog and enjoying the sunshine in the garden.

Here are some of the interesting things I saw and bought on my day trip to Edinburgh and North Berwick yesterday:-

This vintage leather bucket bag has to be my best bargain for 2012 so far as I got it for only £1......YES £1!!!!!! in a charity shop in Portobello, Edinburgh, I love a good bargain.

In the lovely seaside town of North Berwick is one of my fave little boutiques called "Madame Butterfly". A visit to Madame Butterfly for me, is like a treasure hunt. The boutique is packed full of beautiful interiors and accessories for your home and also dotted around, you will find some gorgeous clothing accessories, vintage pieces and jewels.
I often pick up either some vintage pieces or something for my house when I visit as I love to get something special and something that I wouldn't find back in Glasgow.
My last visit was a few months back and I remember falling in love with a cape that the stylish owner was wearing, although to my dissapointment the cape was something she had picked up on her travels so wasn't available to buy :-( 
Yesterday, on my visit to the boutique I was delighted to see the owner had picked up a couple of the beautiful capes on her travels to sell in the store!! After trying both capes on, I opted for the cape with the lovely browns, greens and gold tones as opposed to the lighter blue and cream shade cape which didn't seem to compliment my dark hair, dark eyes colourings as much. The cape was bought in Oman and is made from a silk-cashmere mix with a faux-fur collar trim and faux-fur trim baubles and it is just stunning on. It's the perfect accessory that will keep me warm in the colder days and keep my skin cool in the summer sun. Apart from seeing the owner wearing her cape, I haven't yet seen anyone wearing this so it makes me love it all the more.

.............So much for not buying anything and saving for London next month!!

As well as my fashion, I love cars, especially vintage cars so when I saw this car, I had to get a few pictures! The vintage car is a Jowett, and the only reason I know this is that the owners had displayed this interesting notice about the car!

All in all, with good company, the first day of sunshine and warmer weather for 2012, nice places to visit, and a finding few lovely accessories to add to my collection, I had a great weekend!


  1. oh my gosh that kimono is STUNNING! :) Amazing find.

    Georgi at 7wonders

    you can find me on twitter! xx

    1. Hi Georgi,

      I know, I love when I get a great find like that!