Thursday, 22 March 2012

Window Dressing

I love this new window display in the Cruise Clothing boutique in Glasgow. It's not so much the clothing that I love, it's the props that I think are just spot on. If I had a house big enough for putting the big vintage flip display board, I would as it's really cool and would make a fab statement piece in a lovely big house! I think big, vintage trunks are also perfect for storing your accessories in your bedroom or dressing room. The more old and tatty the trunk, the better it is as it tells you a story that it's been well used and well travelled!

I'm not afraid of technology, I mean I love my iphone and use my laptop daily but certain things I think feel better the old fashioned way, like, my daily commute to the train station would be more interesting with big old fashioned flip boards instead of the electronic boards and watching people lugging around well used trunk luggage covered with stickers for all the countries they have visited instead of the typical bland black trolley case!

I guess I'm a girl who likes and appreciates both the vintage and the new, which really isn't a bad thing!!


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