Sunday, 24 October 2010

What goes around, comes around........

When I was at school I remember going away a weeks holiday to Spain with my grandma. The weather was amazing and we had lots of fun hitting the markets looking at all the beautiful leather bags and accessorize. I had saved up some spending money and was so pleased with myself when I purchased a Moschino belt (black leather with gold lettering) for myself and a Moschino brown leather bag for my mum!! I remember wearing the belt almost everyday for years and although the bag was a gift for my mum I think she only used it once as I always used that too!
As with a lot of things the Moschino belt has now made a comeback and I've been seeing lots of these belts selling for high prices on ebay so figured i'd need to look mine out, dust it off and enjoy wearing it again, hmmm only problem is................................I can't find it anywhere  :-(

I have a sneeky suspicion it may have been given to charity years ago getting mixed up in a clear-out :-(  I know that as this belt was purchased at a market stall in Spain that it is not a 'real' Moschino however I loved it all the same!

I'm going to have one last search for the belt and if no luck then perhaps put it on my christmas wish list for when i'm going down to London this year as I see the Moschino boutiques have re-launched this classic belt. I suppose rather than taking the risk of not getting a 'real' one on ebay and having to enter into an endless bidding war with others i'd rather go direct to the Moschino boutique and get it from there!

 Classic Chanel bag and Moschino belt looks good on Kourtney Kardashian

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