Sunday, 17 October 2010

Staple Studs

I have always been drawn to things with studs on them (must be my inner rock chick) so when I saw these I had to get them:-

 Black suede drawstring bucket bag from Reiss with little gold studs all over.
 Another buy from my shopping spree in London last year. This bag is just sooo cute, love it!

 Ahhh, my Gucci Baboushka studded ankle boots. 
One miserable morning when I was getting soaked walking to work I saw these in Frasers window. Boy did I do a double take and stop to have a closer look!! 
A few weeks later when I changed job I though they would be the perfect treat for me getting a new job so I toddled back to the shop to try them on and they never had my size, boo hoo! I tried on a bigger and then a smaller size to judge what my exact size would be (as I find alot of designers to be different sizes) and went home and ordered them on the Gucci website. They arrived a few days later all nicely boxed up and I was just delighted. They are actually comfy which is even better as quite often "fashion kills"....but in this case it didn't!!

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