Sunday, 17 October 2010


I love having my nails all painted although by the end of the day at work I always find that I have managed to chip them, argghh.
Most of my nail polishes are either from Chanel or OPI. Love the Chanel colours although the OPI nail polishes last so much longer and don't seem to chip as easy!

Check out some of my faves:-

Chanel London Red Bus ltd

Chanel Blue Satin 

 Chanel Particuliere - gorgeous shade!

 Chanel Jade - can't believe I was lucky enough to get one of these limited edition shades!

 Chanel Orange Fizz - this is the perfect summer holiday colour

 OPI Rumple's Wiggan - I just love this colour!

 OPI My Private Jet - haven't tried this yet but here its a nice dark grey almost black colour with nice sparkly speckles all throughout it so will need to try and get one of these for christmas time!

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