Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My first Balenciaga...

Got this beautiful Balenciaga bag for my birthday this year. I went to the Balenciaga Boutique planning on getting the staple black leather 'City' bag however when the helpful store assistant showed me the suede limited collection bags I thought to myself, 'eeekkk'. I ended up spending ages deliberating over which bag to get but something kept drawing me to this gorgeous Khaki Green Suede Work bag. The fact that these bags were limited editions and they only had this one left when I was there screamed to me 'this is the one' so I got this one.

I am just delighted with my bag. As it's the Work bag it fits everything in it, could even get away with using it as a weekend bag, a very stylish weekend bag that is! I LOVE the Khaki Green colour, a perfect shade all year round and goes with pretty much everything and when you see alot of leather bags around its nice having the suede for something a bit different. 

The kind store assistant gave me a huge big white Balenciaga box for my bag as it was my birthday. I think by rule its only the online orders that come with the box but as they knew it was my birthday they were like, give her the big box!! The box was nearly bigger than me and as we had flewn down to London from Glasgow with only hand luggage I thought I was going to have to say bye bye to the box :-(  Ohhhh noooo!! ...................... fear not, my super dad secretly arranged for a courier to post the box bag home for us! Aahhhhh, good old dad!
Some people may be reading this thinking, its just a blooming box! It's not just a box, its part of the bag, it keeps the bag protected!!

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