Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Shopping in London

I'm just back from a fun trip to London with my family. London was cold, well, not as cold as the Scottish weather :-), but I was prepared and well wrapped up in my gorgeous new Zara coat, my new boots and my cosy green pashmina scarf (I got the Pashmina scarf on holiday in Bulgaria in June for £10 and I love it so much, I wish I had got more of them)!

I never really took alot of pictures on my trip but did take a few snaps of the stunning winter wonderland window display's of the famous Selfridges & Co store:-

Liberty of London Store

Liberty of London store

Christian Louboutin Store

Christian Louboutin store

Christian Louboutin store

I love looking at all the shop window displays when they are dressed for christmas time - just gorgeous!

As you can see from the bags, I did not bad with my shopping purchases in London too! I always see different things in the stores in London that I see here in Glasgow so it's always nice to get some unique things when you see them!


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  1. You are the most wonderful special person that every lived on this earth and I miss you terribly. I think of you every moment of every day and wish you were here with me your wee Mumsie x LOVE YOU SAME and I am starting to read through your blogs again and remember LAURA before she had CANCER I love you gorgeous girl Mumsie x You will always know that without me every having to tell you as we had such a close bond no-one could ever wish to have the Mother and Daughter bond that we had as they never could x SPECIAL GIRL x