Friday, 3 December 2010

The not so good shopping trip...........

Well, after weeks of being super excited about going to London for a shopping trip, I came home with nothing :-(
We arrived in London around 2 hours later than scheduled due to the snow then everthing I wanted was either out of stock or not available in my size, very frustrating.
At least my mate Gillian did well on her first shopping trip to London and got her very first Alexander McQueen scarf along with some cute shoe boots from Kurt Geiger, a vintage dress and cardigan and two cute tops from Topshop..... she did very well indeed.

As if it was bad enough not being able to get a single thing I wanted, we got on the wrong train on the way back to the airport and ended up outside Essex................... the totally opposite way from the airport we were trying to get too!! Luckily we managed to get a taxi to the airport just making our flight, otherwise we would still be sitting in London airport now!

I am sooo dissapointed about the trip although chuffed to bits that Gillian did well and got loads of gorgeous things and it was fun taking her to Notting Hill and around all the Londons gems.

Fear not, fellow fashionistas, all is not lost as I have now just ordered the Alexander Wang dress I was looking for and the Current Elliott cargo jeans from Net-a-porter so they should arrive with me in a few days time,Yippeaa.

I was also after the classic Moschino belt however when we were in the Moschino boutique just off Bond Street they told us that they were sold out of the black with gold lettering belt and only had the silver lettering belt available...........hmmm, I actually never knew it came in the silver too. I tried the belt with the silver lettering on and it was gorgeous on although I want to wait and try and get the gold lettering belt as I think for me its the more classic belt like my old one I had years ago. They do have the belt available to order on the Moschino online store however I am unsure if its the silver or gold belt (doesn't state what colour it is and from the online pics it's too hard to tell). A very helpful customer service advisor from the online store is going to get back to me to confirm the colour of the belt online so if it is the gold I'll try to order it fast before it goes out of stock again.

Internet shopping saves the day!!!!

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