Sunday, 26 December 2010

A happy Christmas day!

I can't beleive that Christmas day has been and gone already! After all the weeks of build up and preparing for it, it's over in a flash!!
I had the best day, spending it with my family and friends. Christmas dinner was a major success and everyone got lots of amazing gifts so fun was had by all!

I got the most amazing gifts this year, my main gift was my gorgeous green Sony Vaio laptop (which I have been glued too since I got it)!I & my stylish Marc Jacobs laptop case to put it in!! I also got a Balenciaga perfume set, Chanel perfume and the amazing Chanel Khaki nail polish (cannot wait to wear it). I also got some Alexander Wang pocket tank tops (bring on the summer weather) and my Moshino belt I was after and best of all, my Fiancee got me the gold BIBA earrings I fell in love with in the shop the other week. Just goes to show.......................they do sometimes listen!!

I was really bad this christmas and over-treated myself to loads of nice new dresses and Jeans too! That's me all shopped out for a long while now! 

My Moschino Belt

My BIBA earrings

 Wore these earrings on christmas day and everyone loved them! 

Chanel Khaki nail polish
  This limited edition AW2010 shade is a gorgeous muddy green tone which will look amazing over the winter months and also in the summer months too when teamed with bright summer clothese.

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