Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Glasgow Gets ready for Christmas

YSL Gold pumps......just gorgeous!

My daily walk to and from the train station for work each day is so much more enjoyable when I get to walk by all the stores getting ready for christmas! I love to see the twinkly lights, gorgeous green christmas trees and most of all I get to gaze into the pretty window displays. 

The thing that caught my eye this-morning was a pait of stunning gold Yves Saint Laurent shoes hanging from the window display of Cruise Clothing, ahhh!

I was also happy to see a Vintage Pop up store has opened up around from George Square in Glasgow. The store is called "We love to boogie Vintage" and will be around until New Year's eve. I had a quick look in at lunchtime and although it's not jam packed full of stock like Mr Ben's Vintage at St Enoch's, Glasgow, there is still some pretty cool finds so worth a look!

On the subject of shopping, I was in Zara the other day and they have lots of stunning things in store just now. I treated myself to a few pretty things to wear during the festive season but on the whole i'm trying to be good and to save my shopping spree for when I'm in London for a few days in the next few weeks (I always think you find different things in London from in Glasgow)!

Happy Christmas Shopping everyone!

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