Sunday, 20 March 2011

Vintage Chanel

I just love vintage pieces. When I wear something vintage my imagination runs wild with wonders of where it came from?.....who had it?.......was it loved and treasured?

Vintage Chanel has to be on most peoples wish list. Genuine vintage Chanel pieces are really hard to find and when you do find something you love, get it as the value of it will always go up and up when the years go by.

The vintage Chanel handbags are currently selling for more than the new seasons handbags.
My Chanel handbags I got around 2 years ago are now selling for over £400 more than what I paid for them back then. Each year they seem to go up by around £200 so if you want one now, don't wait too much longer as the prices will continue to rise and rise as time goes by.

Here are some of the beautiful vintage Chanel pieces I have recently come across:

How beautiful and special is this Chanel bottle holder:-

Made with a delicate gold toned chain and with the leather inter-laced detailing as seen on the handles of the bags this really is a little treasure.Not sure how my bottle of Evian water would look in this though!

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