Friday, 21 January 2011's enough to make you blush........

Recently, I've been hearing loads about this new Nars blush called 'Sex Appeal' and seen as it's going to be payday soon, i'll be heading straight to the make-up counter to try it.

Nars blush in 'Sex Appeal' 

Apparantly Blake and Kylie are also fans of this new blush.

What i'm wearing now:

Currenly i've been wearing these gorgeous cheek blushes/tints (not all at once, mind you!):-


I love wearing this Missoni face highlighter. This gives off a lovely healthy sunkissed glow to my face and as it's a good sized compact, this is lasting me for ages.

Guerlain Bubble Blush in 'Rose Chamallow'
This is a lovely, fluffy cotton candy shade of pink which gives my cheeks a great pop of colour which stays with you for hours.


Benefit Benetint
What can I say, I love wearing this. Although this is a cheek and lip stain, I prefer to use it on my cheeks and not on my lips. I think it looks great on my cheeks and don't really like wearing it on my lips. This is my second bottle of this and the bottle lasts me for ages and ages.

Benefit Posietint

This is my current fave cheek stain and I wear this almost everyday. I love wearing this on my cheeks and lips. As soon as I put this on, it makes my face look more healthier so it really is great.

 Most of what I currently wear on my cheeks are pinky tones so i'm looking forward to trying the new NARS 'Sex Appeal' blush as it's more of a golden, pale peach tone so be nice to wear in the summer-time when hopefully i'll be nice and bronzed after my summer holiday.

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