Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Neutrals

Spring 2011 will be seeing lots of neutral, earthy toned colours. Here I have picked out a selection of some of the best key neutral pieces that are available today:-

 Christian Louboutin pumps

 These pumps are yummy with the marble effect cream and toffee colours throughout them.

 Vintage Chanel bag

Chanel bags are a bit like Porsches, they always look classic and with age, they just get better. 

Who wouldn't want a vintage Chanel bag? This vintage Chanel bag is just beautiful. This bag oozes class and what makes it special is I bet it has a lovely story behind it, makes you wonder, who owned it, how old is it? Part of the fun is wondering.....

I do see Chanel bags as being investment pieces. The vintage bags are selling for more than the current bags so in years to come your Chanel bags will be worth more than you bought them for. I want to keep my Chanel bags forever though as it would be just too hard to part with my beautiful, classic bags!

Christian Louboutin wedges

 These cute wedges are the perfect addition to your spring/summer outfit. There's nothing fussy about these, the structure is simple, the tone is fresh and clean and the laces make them that little bit special.

BIBA butterfly hoop earrings

Hooped earrings have always been popular. Some styles of earrings are perhaps too dressy for day-time so what's perfect about these is that they will not look out of place for either your day-time look when shopping with friends or in the evening with your beaded mini dress.

Tom Ford avaitor sunglasses

Aviator shaped sunglasses don't suit all face-shapes so its always best to try on lots of different shapes, models to see what's firstly most comfortable on you and what suits your face shape. When searching for your perfect pair of sunglasses, you may want to take a friend along with you who can give you opinions when you try on lots of pairs. 
I have some Chanel and Prada aviator style sunglasses and love them on me and for this summer I was after a pair of Ray Ban classic aviators for a change. After trying the Ray Ban's on, I decided I didn't like them on me at all. I did however see these Tom Ford aviators and these were perfect on me! Just goes to show you really need to try on all sunglasses, it's no use saying I already have aviator styles so they'll all suit me as i'm afraid it doesn't always work out that way.


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