Monday, 13 February 2012

My new accessory

Last week I was really excited to discover
On the Boticca site you will find thousands upon thousands of beautiful unique jewelry & accessories from newly discovered designers from all over the world. I loved searching through the site looking at all the amazing unique gifts and jewels but for me, the piece that stood out was the leather cape as pictured above. My amazing finacee treated me to this for a valentines day gift although today it arrived and I couldn't contain my excitment and had to open the perfectly packaged box. The cape is handcrafted from buttery soft leather so sits so comfortable on. I will wear this over plain tanks, T-shirts etc and will wear it both draped over my shoulder with the ribbons hanging naturally and buttoned up with the ribbon tied in a pretty box at the back. I love this piece as its so unusual and unique which makes it all the more special to me.
The cape is by the designer Maison d'us Q from the Netherlands. The designers also have beautiful leather bags and belts but it was the cape that I had to have!!

So a big thank you to my amazing fiancee for buying me the most amazing valentines day gift. X


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