Monday, 25 July 2011

A step back in time with Vogue

The magazine I can't do without each month is Vogue. I do hate to part with my old copies as it's fun looking back through them seeing how the trends have changed over time so I try to keep them for a while then I recycle them. 

When I was in America and in Paris, I made sure I bought a copy of  the American and Paris Vogue to keep. I think it's a nice way of remembering my fun trip! I do regret not getting a copy of Italian Vogue when I was in Milan, I know you can get the different editions in the UK, although for me, it's just not the same as when I purchase them on my travels. 

Check out how the Vogue Covers have evolved over the years:-











My how time has changed. The main thing that strikes you is with the early covers, it's only the image that does the talking where as now the cover image plays background to the various slogans that grab your attention.

Being a true Vogue fan, to my delight I recently discovered that similar to the Elle Collections publication that a Vogue Collections publication exists too. At £24.95 your bank balance will be glad it only comes out twice a year for a Spring/Summer edition and Autumn/Winter edition but I can tell you it's worth every penny (even better when my Fiancee treated me to it!!)

Vogue Collections Spring/Summer 2011

Vogue Collections Autumn/Winter 2011

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