Saturday, 4 June 2011

HD Brows - 7 steps to the perfect brows

After reading great reviews online and a freind having had the HD Brows treatment and loved the results, I was really keen to try this out. I'm off on holiday next week and luckily have managed to squeeze in an appointment before I go (i'll let you know how I found it afterwards)!

My eyebrows are pretty faint and I have never seem to master the art of the eyebrow pencil so i'm excited to see how this turns out for me.

The HD Brows technique is meant to be more than just simply tweezing, they say it's more about "designing" your eyebrows by taking into consideration your face shape, hair colouring and skin tone. The techniques they use include waxing, threading and tinting.

Please check out this video where the 7 steps are revealed:

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