Tuesday, 1 February 2011

When it comes to sunglasses................................

.........The Bigger, the better

Jackie O, she was one of the major style icons of the 60's. When you think of Jackie O the first thing you remember is the glamourous oversized sunglasses she always featured. Her sunglasses were her trademark, women everywhere were soon to be seen wearing oversized sunglasses, in the daytime or night!

Jackie O

Today, oversized sunglasses are still as popular as ever, probably even more so with more influential celebs like Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins being featured wearing them as the seasons must have staple accessory.

I love both Aviator and oversized sunglasses so I like to alternate between the styles depending on my mood.
I prefer the plastic sunglasses as opposed to the metal frames as I feel the plastic frames are softer on my face and more comfortable for me to wear.

Here's some of this seasons hottest oversized sunglasses that are available to buy now:-

 Alexander McQueen
Ooh, I love these! These round framed black sunglasses feature an unusual ridged edge detail around the sides, it reminds me a bit like a zip! I think these are simple, classic and the detailing will make them stand out. These are from the Mode de Vue boutique in Paris and are available to order via www.farfetch.com at £239, perhaps a little bit pricey, but ooh so worth it!

Victoria Beckham
"Flard Jackie O sunglasses", well we know where these frames took there inspiration from!
 The price tag for these beauties is not for the faint hearted................ these will set you back £325 and are available to order from www.netaporter.com

These black plastic sunglasses are very Olsen Twin style. These will set you back £265 and are available to order via www.farfetch.com

Don't forget the High Street has a wealth of gorgeous sunglasses to choose from too. Often high street stores will try to mirror the design of there collections to model that of the designer styles so you don't need to pay designer prices for your sunglasses unless you really fall in love with something special.

Hot picks of the High Street

Oversized sunglasses at an undersized price of £12

At under £15, these wont break your budget!

Remember, sunglasses aren't just a fashion accessory, they are there to protect your eyes so remember to ensure they have UV protection, trust me, not only will you look good, you will feel good!

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